With Milk very much in the media at present Sustainability in our industry is being closely questioned. There are many different considerations when we look at what makes for a sustainable supply chain.

A sustainable supply chain must ecological, with green processes including reduced food miles. It must be equitable with all partners enjoying a long-term future with sound commercial benefits. It must be modern and efficient with sustainable savings found through improved processes.

West Country Milk believe that education is vital in ensuring sustainability along the supply chain. Every stakeholder, from Farmer to Consumer, needs to understand the value and provenance of good, locally sourced produce.

Sustainability Initiatives

Some of the specific initiatives our suppliers are supporting include:

  • Employing more efficient vehicles. More electric & LPG vehicles being added to fleets
  • Efficient Driver Training for optimal driving styles leading to reduced fuel and emissions
  • Use of motion sensitive lighting
  • Cold Store Curtains being used to maintain temperatures & reduce power consumption
  • Installation of effluent treatment plants. Effluent also being recycled to replace chemical fertilizers
  • Trials of Mechanical Biological Treatment systems to reduce landfill waste
  • Trials of Renewable Energy such as Solar Panels

West Country Milk has set some tough targets to reduce it’s Carbon Footprint and make for a more sustainable future:

  • Reduce average food miles by 10%. This would equate to more than 5,000,000 saved food miles in 2016!
  • Reduce plastic used in milk packaging by 10%. This would equate to more than 6 Tonnes of Plastic being saved in 2016.

A truly sustainable Food Supply Chain is a complex thing. There are many elements to this and the specific outlook will vary throughout the Supply Chain. West Country Milk seeks to address each element that it can influence by offering a low-food miles, regional solution, using ethical suppliers and providing efficiencies to our customers. This can be summed up within our Core Values:

  • 1

    Provide Local Provenance

    Since 2000 West Country Milk has grown its business on the basis of providing Dairy Products that are farmed, processed and delivered locally to each site. More and more; consumers are sharing these values. Studies increasingly indicate health benefits can be enjoyed from consuming locally produced fresh goods.

  • 2

    Support Local Economies

    In a world of increasing globalization West Country Milk is proud to work with ‘local’ suppliers and producers. By working with approximately 60 dairies around the UK & Ireland we strive to ensure that local economies can continue to thrive.

  • 3

    Provide for a Sustainable Future

    Though West Country Milk rarely trades directly with the Farmer, we are determined to support a sustainable future for British Farmers and local dairy producers. By working with customers and suppliers who share these values we strive to avoid undue price pressures being placed on our farming communities. Our goal is to do all we can to prevent one of nature’s finest gifts being commoditised.

  • 4

    Providing Day One for Day Two Delivery

    This enables provision of the freshest ingredients. It also supports minimal stock holding at the site resulting in improved efficiencies and reduced food waste.