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West Country Milk supplies a full range of milk products in a full range of product formats. This includes Whole, Semi-Skimmed, Skimmed, Organic, UHT, Soya and Sterilised Milk.



Importantly, all the Fresh Milk and Cream Products that we supply in the UK are British, being sourced from British Farms and Processed by British Dairies. In many cases the supply chain is fully Red Tractor Assured. If you require a supply chain that is fully Red Tractor compliant talk to us today about how we will achieve that for you and your customers. Useful Downloads

Useful Downloads

Studies have found that many people with lactose intolerance can have up to 240ml of milk (a large glass) without experiencing symptoms if it is consumed with other foods throughout the day.

We offer a full range of branded bread products. Whilst the brand supplied can vary by dairy and region, we stipulate Hovis as our brand of choice. Hovis proudly boasts a number of key benefits:


  • Hovis® is proud to be the guardians of over 130 years of baking and milling experience that make up the iconic and much loved Hovis® brand.
  • They offer a wide range of products from our Soft White and Best of Both® loaves that are soft from the first slice to the last, to their unique Granary® loaves that are baked using specially selected flours and grains by their expert bakers.

In addition to our range of Dairy Products we also offer a comprehensive range of Fresh Eggs. Whether you require retail pack sizes (e.g. ½ Dozen) or catering pack sizes (e.g. 15 Dozen) we can offer the same daily delivery direct to your sites.

Whether you require the best value available with Caged Eggs or a more select; Free Range option we can offer you the product that best suits your requirements.

We can also source Duck Eggs, Quails Eggs and Premium Hen’s Eggs upon request.

Wherever possible our Hen’s Eggs are British Lion Stamped. If you require local, British Lion Stamped Eggs please contact us today for details regarding how we will manage your supply chain and demonstrate traceability that you can rely upon.

In addition to conventional Great British favourites such as Cheddar, we are also now proud to offer a comprehensive range of Artisan cheese.

This includes fantastic regional British Cheese along with a full range of the delicacies from the Continent. So whether you require Brie from Somerset, Yarg from Cornwall, French Camembert or Italian Buffalo Mozzarella we can develop a cheese board to suit your requirements.

Though most of the dairies we work with source some branded products (such as Anchor Butter), many also produce their own variants. This of course is true of cream though it’s also true of butters, cheeses and even yoghurts.

This allows for some choice for our customers. Some prefer a more standardised range list whilst others value the availability of a wide range of Farm Produce. Whilst Dairy and Bakery Products are the common motivation for seeking a Daily Delivery, many other products lend themselves to this ‘freshest’ of delivery options. Our range includes:

By helping our customers to source more of their local, Fresh Produce we are helping them to meet their targets to reduce Food Miles and meet the growing consumer demand to provide excellent local provenance.